Sustainably Luxe Jewelry

A sustainable fashion accessories brand designed by former Silicon Valley designer in tech, Jessica Phan. As an advocate for sustainable and zero-waste fashion, all of the pieces are handcrafted with upcycled buffalo horns that she discovered from her parent’s homeland in Vietnam. Hathorway uses upcycle buffalo horns as the primary material because it is:

A byproduct of waste and deadstock - Advocating for zero-waste, Hathorway ethically-source buffalo horns that are discarded from the food industry & deadstock in Vietnam. As a sign of respect to the buffalo, nothing of the creature is wasted as the horns are upcycled.

An organic material - As an eco-friendly material with high mineral nitrogen, all our excess horn shavings produced during the creation of our pieces are used as soil fertilizer for the rice fields in Vietnam. Thus, providing rice crops to feed people and other buffalos.

Created by a chemical free process - To prevent pollution, no chemicals are used, nor is it made with a process that is harmful to our environment. Using only heat and oil, the horns are flattened into plates, then cut, and polished with using water.

A one-of-a-kind & lightweight material - Like every natural material, every horn piece is completely one-of-a-kind. Each possesses its own exquisite colors and patterns variation from various shades of lustrous milk, caramel, and charcoal colors in various levels of lucency.