Adrianna Gluck Jewelry

Message from Designer Adrianna Gluck:

“I love to wear and create jewelry. I enjoy the colors, styles, shapes and how it can compliment not only what you wear, but also your personality and true self. I see jewelry as an extension of you. As long as I can remember, creating with my hands has taken many forms. I dabble in different things, but most importantly, I have fun.

My one of a kind pieces are created with excitement & love. They are made mostly with metal, wood & stones (though I always like to try new materials). As you will see most of my pieces are simple, as I believe that the colors, textures and materials often speak for themselves. I gather inspiration from my day-to-day as well as in nature - and I always have my handy sketchbook ready when I need it.

I hope you connect with my pieces and enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them! “